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The Novel of A Hesitation: Selections from Peyami Safa (V)

   Small note: I wrote this short book analysis for our high school magazine in 2015 -this could not be published, anyway- and now happy to share with you in English. I highly suggest you to read the book! Enjoy literature!     Hesitations that travel around the curves of our brains can tremendously disturb us. […]

We Are Alone: Selections from Peyami Safa (IV)

Peyami Safa was a columnist in the transition between the Ottoman Turkey and Republican Turkey or between World Wars and the Cold War. You can call it what time was useful for you. However, we must remember that his novels were a cornerstone to understand him and his century better. As a novelist, he emphasized […]

Between East and West: Selections from Peyami Safa (III)

Painful Problem Milliyet, 1956 *** Small note: I am continuing to share my translation ventures in order once a month. Last month I stressed that “this kind of activities  (literary translations) must be widespread to present Turkish culture and civilization in the world-scale.” Finally, I would be happy if you see any mistake in the form […]

Between East and West: Selections from Peyami Safa (II)

Arab Letters Cumhuriyet, 24 January 1940 While Yakup Kadri was saying “You brought us a wording”, Yahya Kemal, then with humor repeated for others, told, “The most beautiful work of Ismail Safa (the father of Peyami) is Peyami.” Peyami Safa was telling how gained a pivotal role in Republican Turkey’s literature in that reportage to […]

Between East and West: Selections from Peyami Safa (I)

Our Fear of Foreign Words! Tasvir-i Efkâr, 15 February 1941 Note: This translation is a work of mine and so the responsibility of all probable mistakes are also mine. If you realize any mistake, please inform me. Enjoy reading… Assume that cardboard (mukavva) is black on one side and white on the other. The man who sees […]

Analyzing A Turkish History Magazine: The Making of “NTV Tarih”

I prepared this assignment for HIST 102 (Historical Method and Thought II) course. NTV Tarih (History) is beneficial for understanding the general panorama of popular historical magazines in Turkey. I extracted some points that are directly related to the course itself. NTV Tarih (NTV History) was one of the leading history magazines in Turkey for […]

The Prominence of Visual Sources

This is a mixture of necessary selections and some alterations in order to fit the blog (I do not want to be boring) from first two essays at my ENGL111.03 (Academic Writing) class in my first-year.  Ronald Reagan was giving his famous address to the leader of the USSR: “Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev!” […]