The Novel of A Hesitation: Selections from Peyami Safa (V)

   Small note: I wrote this short book analysis for our high school magazine in 2015 -this could not be published, anyway- and now happy to share with you in English. I highly suggest you to read the book! Enjoy literature!     Hesitations that travel around the curves of our brains can tremendously disturb us. […]

The Unification of Goryeo (Koryo) in the Medieval Age

For the first part: The Cost of Being Divided and United: Three Kingdoms’ Period in Korea Introduction    The Unification of Goryeo (or Koryo) is one of the considerable events in making Korean history in the tenth century. After Unified Silla lost its power due to social and economic reasons, previous Korean Kingdoms re-emerged. The revival […]

The Meanings of Crime and Cleaning in the Late Ottoman World: A Brief Investigation of the Imperial Ottoman Penal Code (1858)

  The Ottoman Empire’s project of implementing reforms was a significant transformation after facing internal and external hardships in the nineteenth century. Particularly, the Edict of Gülhane in 1839 brought about new reforms called the Tanzimat. The Edict promised to secure justice, honor, and property and to promulgate regulations and laws in a variety of […]

“The Muslim Bonaparte” is Rising: The Building of Albania and Ioannina by A Skilled Landlord

The role of Ioannina (Yanya) as the heart of life in Albania In this summary, I attempted to investigate the book “The Muslim Bonaparte: Diplomacy & Orientalism in Ali Pasha’s Greece (Princeton, 1999)” by Katherine Elizabeth Fleming who greatly examined Ali Pasha and his surroundings. I emphasized two chapters of this valuable work in probing […]

One Battle Two Stances: Preveza (1538)

(It is a revised version of my article written in the framework of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)’s Project Competition among High Schools in 2012. Originally in Turkish, I escaped removing my wording but a bit summarized the article in order not to bother readers through translation. I added portraits to […]

The Multiple Functions of Gift-Giving in the Ottoman World at the time of Suleiman the Magnificent

The Respect for An Ambassador who portrayed ‘Turkish’ Ways of Life: Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq’s “the Turkish Letters” is a substantial document that presents important insights through the sixteenth century of the Ottoman world. Ferdinand I, the Habsburg Emperor, appoints Busbecq as the ambassador in Istanbul for some eight years to solve […]