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Tracing the meanings of the first Ottoman history: Ahmedi’s “Tevarîh-i Mulûk-i Âl-i ‘Osman”

I wrote this assignment for HIST 222 (Ottoman History: 1300-1600) but I changed its order a bit to understand what the article aims for. Enjoy reading! It is apparent that several authors have attempted to write Ottoman history for centuries. In this sense, particularly, primary sources are quite crucial to understanding any narrated age in […]

On the verge of dismantling: Spain in the 17th century

This paper is written for HIST 241 (The History of Early Modern Europe) class for Prof. Peter Robert Campbell. He wrote a wide range of articles about the Early Modern French History. He also published a variety of books like  Louis XIV (1661-1715) in 1993 and Power and Politics in Old Regime France (1720-1745) in 1996.  […]