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Mapping Two Anatolian Epics: Dede Korkut and Digenis Akritas

Anatolia has been a prominent center in terms of having epics from the Hittites to the Seljuks, the Romans to the Ottomans. These epics are significant in a variety of ways; they essentially display the ways of communication between different cultures and societies alongside their struggle for ultimate and complete domination over Asia Minor. In this sense, […]

The Unification of Goryeo (Koryo) in the Medieval Age

For the first part: The Cost of Being Divided and United: Three Kingdoms’ Period in Korea Introduction    The Unification of Goryeo (or Koryo) is one of the considerable events in making Korean history in the tenth century. After Unified Silla lost its power due to social and economic reasons, previous Korean Kingdoms re-emerged. The revival […]

The reconsidering of the transition from the Palaeolithic Age to the Neolithic Age in the case of Göbekli Tepe

This article is prepared for ENGL 111.03 class again. However, I changed some minor details. Enjoy reading! The transition between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic Age is one of the essential transformations in the history of the world that modified human beings’ lifestyle such as the invention of agriculture or the emergence of social stratification. […]