The investigation of two battles in the Hundred Years War by understanding the military culture and socio-political language of the Medieval Age

On the whole, Campaigns of Crécy and Agincourt in the Hundred Years’ War can be considered as crucial milestones in terms of political, military, and cultural aspects.

Dante’s Dream Comes True: Investigating the Reasons for the Italian Unification

Beyond the Alps, beyond the sea, are other peoples, now fighting, or preparing to fight, the holy fight of independence, of nationality, of liberty; other peoples striving by different routes to reach the same goal. Unite with them and they will unite with you. Giuseppe Mazzini This paper is written for HIST 242 (The History of Early Modern Europe) class …

Reading One Image

Have you ever had an opportunity to analyze your images in your life-span? If you answer “no”, this small but substantial work will help you to understand images that cover our life completely better. This work consists of a composition which unites the lecture notes of HIST 210 and some articles within a different shape.  Our life is being deeply …

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